Inglés I





Unidad 1. Paco.


Tema 1: Who is Paco?

Tema 2: Paco always does the lottery.

Tema 3: Paco is wearing a new suit.

Tema 4: Paco have any close friends?

Tema 5: Paco's sister helps her brother.


Unidad 2. Paco's dream comes true.


Tema 1: B.A. flight B5992 Madrid-London: Boarding gate 14.

Tema 2: Paco ignored too much about London.

Tema 3: Paco was visiting the city of Brighton when …

Tema 4: Did Paco find in Liverpool what he was looking for?

Tema 5: Scotland on the horizon …






Unidad 3. Paco visits Scotland and Wales.


Tema 1: Approaching Scotland

Tema 2: Scotland and Scottish people

Tema 3: Towards the Highlands

Tema 4: Welcome to Wales

Tema 5: Socializing in Cardiff


Unidad 4. Paco visits Canada and the USA.


Tema 1: Paco arrives in Ottawa

Tema 2: In Toronto

Tema 3: Paco is in the North Pole

Tema 4: Paco is in Los Angeles, California

Tema 5: Paco is in San Francisco.






Unidad 5. Paco had dreamt with this journey before.


Tema 1: Airport Authorities had cancelled some flights because of bad weather conditions

Tema 2: New York's bay had frozen for a couple of weeks

Tema 3: Paco would have landed in Washington before if the weather hadn't been so


Tema 4: Florida is sometimes attacked by typhoons

Tema 5: Paco visits Chicago


Unidad 6. Paco visits Ireland.


Tema 1: On the way to Dublin

Tema 2: On the bus tour

Tema 3: Paco visits Dublin

Tema 4: It's St. Patrick's!

Tema 5: Paco visits the rest of Dublin